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Have you ever noticed that some people seem to be able to handle greater amounts of stress than others? Did you ever wonder how or why this is? Well to start, emotional stress can directly affect the body’s hormone system causing chemical imbalances which influence our mood. There are many chemical reaction that have to take place in order for us to be able  to adapt to stressful situations.  Chiropractically speaking, one of the best ways to help manage stress is by taking better care of the system that controls hormone release.…the Nervous System.


The nervous system is the master control center of the human body.  Every cell, tissue, muscle and organ is directly controlled by it. In fact, no part of the body escapes the dominance of the nervous system. By staying free of nerve interference you are maximizing the body’s potential of overall performance. Because stress is a daily occurrence we cannot afford our nervous system to be working only part-time. The powerful hormone system responding to stress can only work as efficiently as the nervous system that governs it. If your glands only receive partial nerve stimulation then they will respond with only partial reactions.  This will greatly affect how you handle stressful situations.

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