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Hand Numbness and Tingling


One of the most common conditions affecting the hand and fingers is (TOS) Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.  TOS is classified as a numbness and tingling with intermittent pain of the forearm, hand and/or fingers.  This condition is quite common yet very few people understand what Thoracic Outlet Syndrome is, how it occurs and most importantly how to correct it.


TOS occurs when both nerves and blood vessels become compressed between a bone and/or spastic muscle.  A doctor of Chiropractic is highly trained to detected such a condition and correct it.  When nerves that supply the arm are pinched between such structures the individual may experience arm pain and/or numbness or tingling throughout the hands and fingers.  A decrease in skin temperature with  throbbing pulsations may also be observed.  Through a series of

orthopedic test our doctors will locate the nerve impingement and choose a treatment plan that will effectively correct the problem.

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